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Blind Youth Association Nepal

Organizational Structure

Mr. Kaladhar Bhandari, President of BYAN, speaking in a program
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BYAN’s organisational structure consists of a General Assembly (GA) which is the apex body of the organisation and makes all constitutional and yearly program and budget decisions. the GA consists of 29 persons who come as representatives from all 9 Chapters and meets once in a year. Below the GA is the Executive Committee (EC), whose 11 members are selected from the GA and who serve a term of 3 years. The EC’s 11 members, are diverse with respect to gender and ethnicity. The EC meets quarterly and oversees the organisational work. Below the EC there is a Management team that consists of the Project Manager, President, General Secretary and the Treasurer. The management team meets bi-monthly, or as deemed necessary.

BYAN currently has Nine district chapters, whose work is overseen by the EC, although each chapter also has its own Executive Committee of 9 members.

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