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There are 11 members in the executive board of Blind Youth Association Nepal. Following are the list and description of our board members.

Ram Chandra Gaire
Mr. Gaihre, 30 is a person with low vision. Youth disability leader, trainer / speaker on youth empowerment and disability inclusion, he is one of the founder of blind youth association. Professionally he works as a translator and interpreter for various organisations NGO/INGOs, Diplomat agencies and other international organisations.
Parbati Shrestha
Vice President
Ms. Shrestha, a partially sighted youth, is a member of BYAN. She completed her Bachelors in Social Work, and is currently undertaking Masters in English Literature. She is a professional Psycho social counsellor and has been supporting BYAN in the Psycho Social, Employment and Education related counselling.
Sunil Man Singh
Mr. Singh, by profession, is a Receptionist in Kathmandu Model Hospital. Despite being a full blind, he has been working successfully for four years now.
Arjun Rawal
General Secretary
Mr. Rawal is a full blind, He is the president of the Kailali chapter of BYAN. Mr. Rawal is a strong leader in the provience and is a very strong person for local Advocacy. He is a student of Masters in international relation and deplomacy. He aspires to engage in the social service among the blind youths. And has been leading numerous advocacy events in kailali for BPS in particular and Pwds in General.
Durga Acharya
Ms. Acharya, a permanent resident of Karnali provience , Surkhet is studying in Kathmandu in her Bachelors in Education. She is now an active member in kathmandu Chapter of BYAN and has been very actively leading the chapter and strong in the communication within the members.
Rita Khadka
Ms. Khadka is a Member of BYAN, and Secretary in the board of Banke Youth Chapter. She has been very active in the sector of disabled, especially that of the blind and partially sighted youths.
Kopila K.C
Ms. Kopila is a disability rights activist working in the sector since more than a decade. She is a government teacher in Chitwan
Roshani Adhikari
I am Roshani Adhikari from Gorkha Nepal. I am visually impaired youth Having enthusiasm in various subjects. Recently, I am persuading law in bachelor. I am first visually impaired women to join B.A.LL.B course in Nepal so, I have more responsibilities. My aim is to be social doctor in order to treat the pain of marginalized group of people and to be the social engineer by providing guideline for prosperity of the state. Besides that, I am also associated with Blind youth association Nepal as a secretary of Kathmandu valley chapter. Working on various projects is also one of my beautiful part of my life. Among the various projects, recently I am working in political participation of youth with disabilities. I learnt sensitive issues of persons with disabilities and got the chance to share my understanding by being the promoter of province 3. We are specially working for right and accessibilities of persons with disabilities whose impact was seen on last local election as well.
Shankar Upadhaya
Mr. Upadhaya is a youth disability rights activist having more than a decade of experience. He has greater interest in the policy advocacy and political participation of persons with disabilities.
Sher Bahadur Oli
Mr. sher Bahadur Oli is a youth Advocate from Surkhet and has been leading the surkhet chapter. He is keen in advocating for the rights and interest of persons with disabilities and is a government teacher.
Dil Kumar Rajbanshi
Mr. Dil is a disability rights activitist working in the koshi province for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the province . Having more than a decade of experience he is keen in political participation and policy advocacy
Kaladhar Bhandari
Ex officio Member
Mr. Bhandari, a young, emerging leader in the field of disabilty, is a full blind. He completed his Masters degree in Education and Sociology, and is currently working as a Teacher in a school for Government Regular School. Being a youth icon of the persons with disabilities, He has been addressing the issues of Pwds as a whole.