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Category: News

This page lists all the recent news and updates of Bind Youth Association Nepal.

दृष्टिविहिन तथा न्यूनदृष्टिविहिनयुक्त व्यक्तिहरुको राहत दरबन्दी सुनिस्चितताका लागि वकालत

November 21st, 2019

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  शिक्षक सेवा आयोगद्वारा लिइएको परिक्षामा करिव ७० जना दृष्टिविहिन परिक्षाथीहरू उतिर्ण भएका छन जस मध्ये करिव ५० जनाको हाराहारिमा राहत दरवन्दीमा कार्यरत रहेका छन । उनीहरुले शिक्षक सेवा आयोगको परीक्षा उत्रिन गरे पश्चात  रिक्त हुन आएको  उत्त राहत दरबन्दीमा विभिन्न बिद्यालयहरुले अफुखुसी दरवन्दि परिवर्तन गरि अपांगता नभएका व्यक्तिहरुलाई रोजगारी दिन खोजिएको विषयमा नेत्रहीन युवा […]

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Advocacy to local educational Authorities and Distribution of Reference book ” Everyone can Learn”

November 8th, 2019

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book ‘Everyone Can Learn’ published by BYAN has been handed over to the local educational authorities of Banke District with the objective of orienting local stakeholders with the education of children with disabilities and for the proper implementation of inclusive and disability friendly educational system. BYAN team received commitment from the local authorities that they […]

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Eudcational Support for blind and partially sighted students – Support for the Cause

October 16th, 2019

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Blind Youth Association Nepal(BYAN) is a National non governmental organisation working to promote educational and employment and Health opportunities of persons with disabilities in General and focusing on Blind and partially sighted . Blind and Partially sighted students lacks the assistive devices and support materials in their school. Support us for the Nobel cause. #Blindyouthnepal BlindYouth Nepal […]

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Involving Men with disabilities in Mensuration hygiene Promotion

August 29th, 2019

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Mens can support women and girls to manage menstruation effectively across different social domains including household, community, school, and work. Men and boys influence women’s and girls’ experiences of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) through many roles, including as husbands, fathers, brothers, students, peers, teachers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, employers, development and humanitarian practitioners, and policymakers. While it is necessary to reach men […]

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