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Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Development of Network Operation Guideline

This post was published on: May 31, 2024

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Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN) is a non-political, non-religious, not for profit Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) established by the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) youth of Nepal. It is a national association for youth aged between 18-40 years. Founded in 2011 and registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu in 2012, taking affiliation from the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. It is the only organization established by the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) youth of Nepal with a broader vision with People with disabilities of Nepal enjoying a dignified life in an inclusive society.  It is a national youth with disabilities led organization having its 10 chapters across the country with more than 815+ General members. As a rights-based organization, BYAN intends to play a proactive role in the formulation, amendment and implementation of BPS related legal provisions, and in organizing and capacity-building of BPS youth across the country.  The major working area of the organization is promotion of inclusive education, Employment and self- employment promotion, political participation and civic engagement, promotion of right to health and comprehensive sexuality education, disaster risk mitigation measures, including rehabilitation works.  BYAN is also working with advocacy work for the provision, promotion and utilization of rights of blind and partially sighted people, raising awareness of BPS  and persons with disabilities issues and abilities so as to create positive attitudes.

BYAN is currently undertaking a project called “Our Voice Our Decision”, in support of International Foundation on Electoral System, with the major aim of formation of a Youth Public Policy Network dedicated to empowering Nepal’s youth in the area of electoral reform and policy development.

The project intends to address mainly two major issues of the Nepalese youths. 

  • Low participation and engagement of the young people in policy development, low awareness in political rights including electoral rights and,
  • Lack of inclusivity in the participation in terms of gender, caste, ethnicity, geography and disability.

In this context, the project aims to contribute primarily to highlight the diverse issues of youth to be considered seriously in public policies and electoral reforms and enhance their engagement in advocacy to influence the relevant decision makers. The project serves range of activities to organize youth for collective action through Youth Policy Network (YPN), capacity building, and engaging youth in advocacy initiatives to bring required changes in the behavior and action of decision makers. BYAN is leading this project in the close collaboration with other youth led organizations by formation of a Youth Public Policy Network consisting of young leaders from various CSOs and youth advocacy networks in Nepal. The Policy Network established under this project  will help to harness the energy, creativity, and aspirations of Nepali youth to actively engage in the democratic process. This initiative seeks to consolidate youth voices, enhance their capacity for leadership and advocacy, and facilitate dialogue and collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Election Commission Nepal and other decision makers, to drive meaningful policy changes that reflect the needs and aspirations of the nation’s youth.  The network will provide a platform for young leaders from diverse backgrounds to come together, access essential training in leadership and advocacy, and collaboratively develop action plans that promote inclusive policy development and electoral and political reform. 

The policy network YPN shall be inclusive of diverse youth led organizations including youth with disabilities, youth women with disabilities and such other marginalized youth groups to build the capacity of members of YPN and other associated organization for advocacy and lobby to influence for youth responsive and inclusive policy development and electoral reforms. 

Before launching the network, BYAN wants to prepare a network operation guideline (NOG) to facilitate the establishment and functioning of the network.  The Guideline will help to develop membership provisions, define member selection process and criteria, working approach and strategies, roles and responsibilities of YPN and coordination between the network members.

In this context, BYAN announces the call for Expression of Interest (EOI) from experienced and qualified experts for the Development of network operation guideline (NOG) for the youth policy network. Interested and eligible individuals or organizations are invited to submit EOI in the following address, mentioning “Expression of Interest for the Development of network operation guideline (NOG)” in the subject line in the following Address: [email protected] 

Final deadline is before 31 May, 2024.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the Assignment  is to prepare a network operation guideline (NOG) to facilitate the establishment and functioning of the network.  

  • Ensure seamless communication, data sharing, Joint initiatives and capacity building. 
  • Leverage collective expertise , resources and networks to achieve greater impact  and scale in political participation and civic engagement of youths. 
  • Ensure sound working approach and strategies, roles and responsibilities of YPN and coordination between the network members adhering the basic standards of a guideline/manual. 
  • Drive innovation and promote best practices through collaborative programs, initiatives and research endeavours.

Scope of Work:

The scope of works includes following tasks but not limited to: 

  • Prepare a detailed action plan and outline of the network operation guideline
  • Make a comparative study of guidelines prepared for the operation of networks and various organizations in national and international context.
  • Conduct Interviews , consultation meetings/workshop, and field visits to gather necessary inputs and ideas for the document.
  • Hold regular meetings with BYAN to create common understanding on the contents and the processes, 
  • Consult with the youth organizations/groups referred by BYAN and deemed reasonable by the consultant
  • Conduct validation workshops with the youth organizations, and incorporate feedback and inputs received.
  • Prepare a draft of the guideline and share it with BYAN and the youth organizations/groups as referred by BYAN for the required feedback
  • Provide the final document with language editing and proofreading


  • Detailed outline of the network operation guideline
  • Preliminary draft of the guideline
  • Final document with proper language-editing and proof-reading

Eligibility Criteria

  • A bachelors degree in Public Policy, law,  Public Administration, Political science, or such other related social science or field. Master degree in the stated disciplines will be preferred and will be an added advantage.
  • At least 3+ years of professional experience in preparing and managing network operation guidelines/manuals, preferably for youth-focused organizations or networks.
  • Proven track record of successfully collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including youth groups, policymakers, and civil society organizations.
  • Strong understanding of network management principles and best practices.
  • Experience working with young people and youth organizations.
  • Understanding of the importance of youth-led and youth-inclusive network operations.
  • Excellent research and analytical, written and verbal communication skills.

Service Duration and Location

The consultant will be working in close coordination with BYAN team. The consultant shall be engaged on a daily basis for a maximum of 10 working days. The assignment will immediately be started and completed by the end of June 21, 2024.  

Required Documents for Submitting Proposal Firms:

  • Cover Letter
  • Financial proposal
  • A brief concept notes highlighting the methodological design
  • The document should have annexed bio-data of the assignment team member/s.
  • Firm Registration & Renewal certificate
  • Copy of VAT Registration Certificate
  • Latest Tax clearance certificate
  • Copy of past relevant work assignments 


  • Cover Letter
  • Financial proposal
  • A brief concept note highlighting the methodological design including work plan, and quality assurance mechanisms.
  • The proposal should have annexed bio-data of the assignment team member/s.
  • Copy of past relevant work assignments 

BYAN will select the consultant based on their experience and amount proposed for the task. 

BYAN reserves the right to select any of the application. BYAN keeps safeguarding as a top priority so, any data or information collected during the task shall be kept confidential and shall not be disseminated without BYAN’s prior consent.