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What is the issue?

A blind student talking about his problem

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, there are 9548 BPS students undergoing study from grade 1-12 level. Among these, include 4,764 in grade 1-5, 2,987 in grade 6-8, 1,504 in grade 9-10 and 292 in grade 10-11 . The data shows that the number of BPS children significantly drop as they advance to the upper grades. According to EDRC, there are 365 Resource Classes running across the country for the education of blind, deaf and hard of hearing and children with intellectual disabilities of which 79 integrated schools related to BPS and 1 special school.

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What do we do?

a lady with low vision writing in large font

BYAN does awareness raising, advocacy, capacity building, organizing and networking to promote: accessible and appropriate education for blind and partially sighted; youth empowerment; health rights; employment; disability-centred disaster preparedness and rehabilitation; and to enhance the personal and social skills of BPS persons. We target children and adolescence youth to enhance their daily living, personal management and life skills, including orientation and mobility, washing and sanitation, dressing, self-hygiene etc.

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7 persons(4 female) in the stage disseminating accessible IEC

Disability Sexuality and Accessibility :

On Feb 25, in joint collaboration with Family Welfare Division, Teku┬áBlind Youth Association Nepal-BYAN has successfully conducted “Increasing access to comprehensive SRH of young PWDs” a launching and dissemination event. During the event, almost 75 relevant stakeholders such as government officials, DPOs, CSOs, INGOs, services providers (private vendors), and young PWDs were brought together to […]

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10 Sessions on Comprehensive Sexuality education for persons with disabilities

In order to increase the uptake of CSE, SRH, and claim the rights, it is important that individuals with disabilities possess the know-how and develop the confidence to make an esteemed decision. To develop such, they should be provided with opportunities to learn and express their concerns. Right now we are enhancing the capacity of […]

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Consultation workshop for developing sign language on SRHR for Deaf

BYAN in collaboration with the National Association of the Sign Language Interpreters Nepal (NASLI) and the National Federation of the Deaf Nepal (NFDN), has been conducting a 4 days workshop on SRHR for the sign language interpreters of Nepal. We realized that there is the existence of a knowledge gap on SRHR among deaf and […]

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