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What is the issue?

A blind student talking about his problem

The teaching-learning needs are still to be adapted to the needs of BPS. Use of Braille text books is the main mode of teaching-learning where such text books are reached to the students very lately or even after the completion of particular academic year or students have to barely depend on old text books or need to share a set of text books among 2 or more class mates. The provisions of writing assistant while taking an examination is also an issue that is constantly posing barrier to the BPS students while taking examinations.

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What do we do?

a lady with low vision writing in large font

BYAN does awareness raising, advocacy, capacity building, organizing and networking to promote: accessible and appropriate education for blind and partially sighted; youth empowerment; health rights; employment; disability-centred disaster preparedness and rehabilitation; and to enhance the personal and social skills of BPS persons. We target children and adolescence youth to enhance their daily living, personal management and life skills, including orientation and mobility, washing and sanitation, dressing, self-hygiene etc.

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Involving Men with disabilities in Mensuration hygiene Promotion

Mens can support women and girls to manage menstruation effectively across different social domains including household, community, school, and work. Men and boys influence women’s and girls’ experiences of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) through many roles, including as husbands, fathers, brothers, students, peers, teachers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, employers, development and humanitarian practitioners, and policymakers. While it is necessary to reach men […]

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Launching of the Book Everyone can learn

“Everyone can learn” On 23rd August 2019 in the presence of Mr. Bhanubhakta Dhakal Minister of Law, Justice and Parliament affairs Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN), proudly produced an advocacy tool book on inclusive education “Everyone can learn”. This book can be counted as a milestone book related to inclusive education on cross-disability sector. Our […]

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Completion of On the JOB Training- and Certificate Distribution

23rd August, 2019 Karmashil – Being Work Ready 1. Introduction Karmashil- Being Work Ready is a youth employment program of Sukalpa International Pvt. Ltd. In collaboration with Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN), Sukalpa International commenced to provide skill-based training, coaching and counselling services to the 11 youth with disabilities (mainly BPS – Blind and partially […]

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