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Voter’s Registration Program

This post was published on: July 15, 2022

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Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN) organized a voter’s registration program for the people with disabilities. The program was conducted by all our district chapters in the seven provinces of Nepal. This program was organized with an aim of registering the people with disabilities in the voter’s name list for the upcoming elections. Along with this, we also hoped to reach a mass group of people with disabilities and encourage them to practice their political rights and participate in the political affairs of our country.

During our advocacy dialogue program, we realized that several people could not participate in the recent local level election because their names were not registered in the voter’s name list.  Hence, we initiated this small step to help the people with disabilities to register themselves in the voter’s name list for the upcoming elections. And thus, we are proud to say that, we were able to register several people with disabilities which included people with physical disability, intellectual disability as well as blind, partially sighted and deaf via the program.

We are very satisfied, as at the end of the program, all the participants expressed their happiness for being registered and now, eagerly await the next elections to cast their vote. However, we faced some challenges during the program due to the inaccessibility of the location for certain people with disabilities such as wheel-chair users. We hope that this problem will be resolved in the near future.,