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Authorities positive for development of Freindly education policies for BPS- Province 3

This post was published on: January 4, 2020

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The new year 2020 started with the program organised for the development of friendly policy and sensitization and increasing the understainding of  the policy makers in povince 3.  It is important, and out past experience has demonstrated that the policy makers do not write policies without possessing in-depth understanding on the issue. What is also true is that it is little difficult to general people including the authorities to understand the nature of disability and associated issues. Because, disability movement in Nepal is still at the early stage and Nepal as a State has very limited perspective, expertise, experience and know how in the area of disability and its dimensions. It is with these reasons, we are more focused to build understanding and capacity of the government policy makers. In this connection, this intervention will specifically worked with the parliamentarians of Provincial and Federal levels, members of the Rural/Municipal levels, concerned ministries, ministers and personnel at all levels. As required, consultation workshops, policy interaction workshops and briefing meetings will be organised. Advocacy work will mostly be of lobby types so that desirable policy and program changes shall take place upon having sufficient information, facts and figures, sensitization and understanding in the minds of policy makers.