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“Action for Change” project in Nepal to Set Milestone on Power Shifting

This post was published on: March 26, 2023

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The project was designed and developed by community and BYAN team, who identified the needs, chose the working area and the intervention modality that is feasible for them. This reflects the power-shift effort for CBM Global and BYAN team itself. This 3-year project is an advocacy initiative for the promotion of inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health Right and Family Planning services for persons with disabilities and strengthened the right movement in Nepal.

Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN) organised a kickoff meeting of the “Action for Change” project from 7th to 10th March 2023 in Kathmandu in the presence of 51 participants (23 female, of which 39 persons with disability). The project aimed at empowering persons with disabilities to exercise their rights and make informed sexual and reproductive choices in a supportive social, institutional, and legal environment.

The project kick-off was conducted in two phases, starting with an orientation workshop among the concerned stakeholders. Representatives from various organizations, including education division of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ministry of Health & Population, national Center for health education information and communication, CBM Global and Civil Society Organizations like FHI 360, along with BYAN’s national board members, staff and chapter presidents from different provinces joined the workshop. This orientation program aimed to build a common understanding of the project’s objectives and strategies.

Following the workshop, project staff, board members of BYAN, and other representatives from organizations of persons with disabilities developed the Detail Implementation Plan for coming three years. Few of the learning sessions were also facilitated on safeguarding, MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accounting and learning) tools, and financial compliances. The project’s lead, BYAN is based on the power shift module, empowering grassroots-level people to identify their needs and design the project based on the changes they want to see in their society for themselves. 

BYAN president Mr. Kaladhar Bhandari said “We’re excited to see the positive impact that “Action for Change” will have on the target populations, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the project’s progress. We hope that this project will serve as an example of the power shift module, inspiring other organizations to adopt this approach and empower communities to drive their own development”.

Actions for Change is a 3-year programme which will explore how local and international organisations can work in more balanced and equitable partnership to achieve impact for people with disabilities in Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya and Bangladesh. The programme will give grants to four local partner organisations of people with disabilities (OPDs) to carry out project activities according to their identified needs.